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This great adventure began on the first of July 2020. We never wanted to define “Corte del Lupo”. Without a doubt it is a restaurant with a creative cuisine, which ensures that even the basic ingredients adhere to the values of “good, pure and correct”, it also offers an extensive wine list showcasing Oltrepò Pavese’s finest.

But above all, it is a magical place, where time passes slowly, which occurs only when one is truly happy. So when asked, “Exactly what is La Corte?”, we can honestly say, “it is a place of refreshment where everything we do circles around your “well being”.


Our Menu and Wine list


Our innovative cuisine preservs the territory’s memory. We don’t just cook, we recite our story, because at times tradition isn’t just about preparing a local dish, but it is also about using the primary ingredients produced locally by those who respect the land and their livestock.

Above all else we are a wine bar and cellar and as such we pride ourselves in offering the best of Oltrepò Pavese and beyond, making it accessible to all. For us, enjoying a glass of wine is also about ensuring that it is made available to all, equally and democratically, with no uplifts to the end consumer, because wine is our culture.

Furthermore, we are committed to reducing food waste, we have abolished plastic bottles by serving only micro-filtered water, because in our own little way we are making every effort to treat our one and only planet with the best possible care.

Our restaurant follows the principles of “Slow Food Alliance“, where chefs and small farmers have formed an alliance to ensure food is produced in its utmost purity in order to safeguard the territory’s biodiversity.



To find out more about our packages, we can be reached via WhatsApp, either by clicking on the button
at the bottom right or calling +39 0385.99086.

Come and have fun with us!