The Wine


We are and will always be first and foremost a wine bar and cellar.

It is a homage to this magnificent village and the wonderful people of these foothills who have dedicated their lives to their vineyards.

From our wine list you will find those winemakers that have contributed to the excellence of Oltrepò. But we won’t stop here, we are continually researching, in Italy and beyond, emerging winemakers which can tell their story through their products.

We are solidly convinced that to “drink well” one must have access to many and for this reason we believe in a “democratic drink” where a price uplift is not applied neither to the bottle nor to the by-the-glass purchases which we serve. This will allow you to sample a wide variety of wineries equally, which also allows us to be completely unbiased with our suggested wines for each dish, that enhances the meal itself.

And in the event you’d like to take a bottle home, you are certainly invited to do so so, with a purchase price equal to that of the producer. Wine is culture, let’s not ever forget that.