Corte del Lupo


Come with us to discover Corte. Breathe the relaxing atmosphere that you will find here.

Walk amongst our various dining areas, discover our magnificent garden, as this virtual tour takes you through an emotional experience.




Corte’s interior is a true gem, with only 10 tables and a fireplace to keep you warm even in the coldest of winters. A large bar area with an extensive and key collection of world class Gins on display, selected with care, and continuing to expand. This too makes our restaurant a first of its kind. Our walls are adorned with the wines on offer as well as art from talented italian contemporary artists. Each month we bring you a new artist, in a kind of imaginary path between the natural art of the surrounding vineyards and art in its true sense.

The rooms ambient earth tones along with exposed stones reflect a modern touch to the traditional homes of Golferenzo, because we want you to truly feel at home.



Corte’s garden, in the heart of this medieval village, is one of the most beautiful summer outdoor location in all of Oltrepò. With it’s well manicured lawn surrounded by antique stone walls, breathtaking view of the hills, which, on clear days, expands to embrace the Alps at the bottom of the plains. Breathtaking sunsets and stars so bright and close that you think you’re touching them. The only word that can define all of this is enchanting.

When summer ends, and wishing to experience the same magic, you can stay in our “Winter Garden”, a heated indoor/outdoor seating area with glass walls that reflect the beauty of the foothills.



Golferenzo is a village different from all others within the Oltrepò region. Could it be because of its unmistakable church bell tower that dominates the valley of Versa seen from afar while still driving on the flatlands, and the hillside is only a premonition of what is to come. For the stone houses of this ancient village, so beautiful that no one dared to change them, even in the years when “renovate” rhymed with “ruin”. And so you find yourself walking in a timeless place, where you expect to meet at any moment Wulfarius, the gentlemen of the Longobards feuds, or a monk sent by St. Colombani in person to recite mass. It will be for his cats dozing indifferently on the old walls. Or for its charm of middle ground, still Lombardy but almost Emilia, which creates a sense of pride belonging to its people, and if you ask a local if they are from Pavia or Piacenza they would dryly reply, “I’m from Gulfrens”.

It may be for these as well as a thousand other reasons but Golferenzo is really a unique place and nothing we do could have existed if we had not been bewitched by its immense beauty.