The Project


We never wanted to define “Corte del Lupo”. Without a doubt it is a restaurant with a creative cuisine, which ensures that even the basic ingredients adhere to the values of “good, pure and correct”, maintained by our small local producers. It is also a wine bar and celler who’s extensive list showcases Oltrepò Pavese’s finest, and on the continued lookout for new and emerging wine producers.

But above all, it is a magical place, where time passes slowly, which occurs only when one is truly happy. So when asked, “Exactly what is La Corte?”, we can honestly say, “it is a place of refreshment.” And it is exactly that. The phrase that is quite often repeated from our departing guests is: “thank you, we truly enjoyed our time here.” The meaning of everything we do is transmitted in your “well being”.

It’s not just food. It’s not just wine. It is a special alchemy.




On July 1, 2020 our incredible adventure begins. It began as a challenge, for one needs courage to bet on Italy’s small vilages, those so small that you can’t pass them by without wanting to. And you also need effort to see the beauty where others may take it for granted. Delicacy is also needed, to make sure that the magic which was already there is not ruined along the way. The magic is found within the antique stones, the knowledge and flavours of the local villagers. It was just enough to look within the soul.

Strong thought goes behind what is done, ours is that those in the restaurant sector have a great responsibility to recite the territory’s story. Raw materials provided by local small producers, Slow Food presiding, ARCA products forming the words, and our chef’s creativity is our writer. Certainly, it wasn’t easy, as we opened our doors when the world as we knew it was changing. It was a bit like being on a roller-coaster, with moments of extreme joy together with high speed descents that took your breath away.

We never stopped. Maybe because it was a challenge, but you gave us a reason to keep going. Now as we continue this wonderful story, we will write it together.