We chose to call our village project: Countryside Relais.

Historically relais’ were the way stations found in the grand open clearings, where carriages stopped to change out their horses, where you could always find an excellent plate of food, an energizing glass of wine, as well as a comfortable bed to rest upon. The following day, after having received so many precious little comforts, one left with a restored energy. Herein, the relais “Borgo dei Gatti” maintains this tradition. A place to pitstop on the journey of life, unplug, relax, forget the everyday hustle and bustle, and then leave, with a feeling of warmth and goodness that will no longer abandon you.

Our personal idea of luxury is the rediscovery of a slow, almost forgotten lifestyle, with attention to detail, while finding hidden happiness hidden in the smallest and simplest of things. Staying at Borgo dei Gatti, amongst the ancient stones that make up the homes of the Borgo, is a luxury for the soul!

The Project


The relais, Borgo dei Gatti, is a great project in the making. The realization of an ambitious dream, that of reviving the village of Golferenzo.

The heart of the Relais will be the “Albergo Diffuso” with its stone residences expertly restored, furnished with care and attention to detail, where one you can truly experience the village’s once-upon-a-time atmosphere. The first three residences are available for your stay while three others will be added and await to welcome you this spring. These houses have also brought new life to the village. Beauty is contagious.

In 2020 Corte del Lupo was inaugurated, this modern tavern, a place to meet, converse, taste fine wines and enjoy food, that is all good for the soul. And since a village cannot be without its very own shop, in September 2021 La Bottega del Lino was born. A small treasure chest of a show which allows you to relive the Corte experience by bringing into your very own home the specialties from some of the best farms in our area.

In march 2022, after a radical renovation, we reopened the doors of this this historic pizzeria. But we certainly won’t be stopping there. Later in 2023, our SPA will be ready to welcome you, because making you feel good, after all, is our main goal.